BDE Administrator Settings


How to change BDE Administrator Settings.



This article will explain how to change BDE Administrator Settlings.


BDE Administrator Settings


  • Choose START->SETTINGS->CONTROL PANEL on the Windows Desktop.
  • Double-click on BDE ADMINISTRATOR.
  • Click on the CONFIGURATION tab.
  • In the CONFIGURATION tab, click the<+> on DRIVERS, then NATIVE, then click on PARADOX
  • Ensure NET DIR is set to the correct data path, typically \\servername\WinCruise\Data
  • If NET DIR is changed, choose OBJECT -> APPLY in the menubar
  • Click YES or OK to any dialogs that appear.
  • Click the <+> on SYSTEM then click INIT.
  • Choose TRUE from the LOCAL SHARE dropdown on the right.
  • Choose OBJECT -> APPLY in the menubar.
  • Click YES or OK to any dialogs that appear.
  • Choose OBJECT->MERGE in the MENUBAR.
  • Select <idapi32.cfg> in the next dialog and click OPEN.
  • Click OK to any dialogs.



WinCruise User Manual, Chapter3 page 28 -


Applies to:  WinCruise Professional/WinCruise 2000/WinCruise Remote

                   Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Windows Server 2000/2003


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