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Pro Grade Popcorn Ceiling Texture
NEW Homax® Pro Grade™ Popcorn Ceiling Texture is the latest innovation in the Homax line of Pro Grade aerosol texture solutions for professional contractors. The advanced formula replicates commercial popcorn aggregates and delivers an Invisible Repair™ up to 4 times faster than traditional methods, with up to 4 times the coverage of traditional aerosols. The patented Pro Grade ergonomic grip is designed for comfort and enables more controlled application making it easier to feather into existing popcorn texture. The integrated safety lock enables the ability to store and reuse any remaining texture from job-to-job.

Get professional results in the convenience of an aerosol. Homax® Pro Grade™ Popcorn Ceiling Texture provides a better match with less hassle, less mess and in less time than a traditional gun and hopper.
  • Delivers an Invisible Repair™
  • Replicates polystyrene, perlite or other popcorn type ceiling aggregates
  • 4x faster than traditional gun and hopper
  • 4x the coverage of traditional aerosols
  • Patented Pro Grade ergonomic grip for comfort
  • Updated trigger enables more controlled application
  • Integrated safety lock to store and reuse leftover texture
  • Less hassle, less mess, less time
  • 14 oz.
Who Should Use
  • Professional Contractors
  • Property Managers
  • Commercial Property Maintenance
Where To Use

Homax® Pro Grade™ Popcorn Ceiling Texture can be used for popcorn ceiling repair projects, fixture removal repair (lighting, sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, vents) or to complete punch lists and patches. Use in homes, apartments, commercial properties and more.

DRY TIME: Painting is not required. If you choose, to paint allow Homax® Pro Grade™ Popcorn Ceiling Texture to dry 24 hours. Use a foam brush or roller to avoid damaging texture.

Homax® - Creating Better Homes™

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Got Questions?
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  • Water-based, use warm water for clean up.
  • Sprays best between 68˚ F and 72˚ F.
  • Wear eye protection.

1. SHAKE CAN vigorously for one full minute after you hear ball rattle in can and periodically during use. Ideally last shake motion should be downward to ensure material inside moves to bottom of can.

2. TO UNLOCK TRIGGER, turn RED safety lock counterclockwise.

3. SPRAY can UPRIGHT 20"- 30" away from ceiling and spray CONTINUOUSLY, sweeping across repair in a rapid, continuous motion and feathering texture into surrounding area.

4. AFTER USE AND TO STORE, turn can upside down and spray until texture is cleared. Return safety to locked position. Remove any texture build up from tip/nozzle.

DRY TIME: Allow texture to dry 24 hours.

TIPS: Painting is not required, but if desired to match surrounding area, apply lightly with paint brush or foam pad. For a finer chip size, hold can further away from ceiling and spray. For a coarser chip size, partially squeeze trigger, or hold can closer to ceiling when spraying. For a heavier texture application, apply first coat, allow to dry, then apply second coat to build texture as desired.