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Which lubricants should I use?

What does electricity feel like?

ElectroStim (or eStim) feels like nothing you've ever felt, yet it can be quite close to the sensations of stroking, vibrating, buzzing, tingling, and throbbing depending on several factors:

  1. Power source used

  2. Settings of the power source

  3. Types of electrode devices used

  4. Arrangement of electrodes on / in the body

  5. Personal factors

The power source used [1] has a major influence on the variety of sensations possible. Each type of power source has its own controls or settings [2] which can be used to vary the outputs from mild to extremely strong (painful) and may include the ability to vary the signal being produced by changing the tempo, width, and randomness of the waveforms.

The types of electrodes used [3] and their arrangement [4] are even more particular and can play the largest role in how it feels. Using surface electrodes like the ElectroBand™ will usually result in a sensation along the conductive surface, sometimes extending along the cock and balls beyond the electrode surface itself. Using insertable electrodes like the FlexProbe™ will make perfect contact with a large and moist (and therefore conductive) surface area inside the body. By adjusting the depth and position of insertable devices, the resulting sensations can be throbbing and pulsing in nature, with a feeling of being stimulated largely in the pelvic area. Of course, the goal of internal stimulation is to reach the prostate gland by "massaging" it with an electric signal. The FlexProbe™ does this quite well, as do the conventional buttplugs on the market.

Finally, personal factors [5] play the ultimate part in how electricity feels. Some people (like yours truly) are turned on by the thought of being connected to equipment and become aroused at the thought of it. Others have learned to fear electricity through personal experiences, from news stories of lightning strikes, electrocutions, or by the simple act of accumulating enough static charge by walking across carpeting only to cause a surprising spark at a doorknob. The experiences, the "turn ons" (pun intended) and fears play a significant role in how one will feel when electricity is applied to his/her genitals. Some people simply hate the idea of being wired up to anything! And still others, are very turned on by the idea and acts. Learning about how you and your partner feel about being "wired up" is an important first step in playing with electricity. Learning to use it safely is yet another topic.