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Welcome to Flight Works, Inc., Original Equipment Manufacturer of Micro Gear Pumps Since 2001

The Flight Works Advantage

  • SMALLER and LIGHTER pumps than the competition's, with outstanding performance...

  • Direct Drive (dynamically sealed) and Magnetic Drive

  • Flow rates from less than 5 mL/min to over 5 L/min ... Differential pressures demonstrated up to 300 psi (20 bar) per stage with dynamically sealed models.

  • Brushed Motor, Coreless Motor and Brushless Motor configurations available with dynamically sealed models.

  • Wide range of fluid compatibility, from oils and fuels to water, alcohols, hypergols and more ...

    • Wetted material options include: Stainless Steels (including heat-treated), Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Titanium, Hastelloy, Silicon Carbide, PEEK Plastic, Viton, Buna Nitrile, EPDM, Teflon and more...

  • Custom configurations available, both for prototype/development testing AND for production orders, including:
    • Compatibility upgrades for unique fluids
    • Larger, smaller, staged or multi-pump systems for unique performance requirements


New Magnetic Drive Design

The Magnetic Drive design has added several levels of quality, reliability, and performance capabilities to the Flight Works product line.

Key advantages include:

  • Increased maximum pressure, demonstrated as high as 600 psi (40 bar) per stage.

  • Extended run time capabilities due to:
    • Elimination of the shaft seal as a limiting run time factor (due to wear or breakdown)
    • Elimination of side load on the motor shaft bearings.

  • Highly reduced risk of leaks, especially under extreme conditions.

  • Expanded fluid compatibility and acceptable environmental conditions that would have otherwise been limited by available dynamic seal materials.

  • Reduced risk of fluid contamination due to seal abrasion.


Accessories for Sale ... Including Fittings, Valves, Regulators, Bearings and more...


 Our team of highly qualified engineering professionals is also available to provide a variety of services, from research and development to concept manufacturing.



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