Presidential Libraries Video Collections

Price: $49.95

Visit all twelve Presidential Libraries in your own home. C-SPAN's special television series, Presidential Libraries: History Uncovered is now available in this complete twelve DVD set for the low price of $49.95. It includes never or rarely-seen film, video, audio and artifacts from each of the twelve presidential libraries giving new insights into the actions and decisions that shape the modern presidency. Expert commentary from presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, and the Presidential Library Directors, and staff who preserve and make available the collections featured in this series.

12-DVD Set Highlights:

    * Herbert Hoover: film from his presidential retreat at Camp Rapidan, VA and one of the first-ever television transmissions in 1927.  
    * Franklin D. Roosevelt: Fireside Chats and secretly-recorded Oval Office conversations
    * Harry S. Truman: blunt talk on Joseph Stalin, using the atomic bomb, and firing Gen. MacArthur from unaired film outtakes
    * Dwight D. Eisenhower: presidential television 'firsts' including the Little Rock Central High School speech                
    * John F. Kennedy: secretly-recorded White House conversations on civil rights, the space race and the Cuban Missile Crisis; rare films of JFK's early political career
    * Lyndon B. Johnson: 1967 LBJ telephone conversations; Lady Bird Johnson's home movies detailing his 1941 Senate race and private life at the LBJ Ranch
    * Richard Nixon: behind-the-scenes at his resignation speech and H.R. Haldeman's home movies inside the Oval Office and on the 1972 China trip.        
    * Gerald R. Ford: a rare tour of Camp David and the president's personal reflections on his White House years in newly-released interviews
    * Jimmy Carter: behind-the-scenes video of the Camp David Accords and the release of the U.S. hostages by Iran
    * Ronald Reagan: the Reagan diaries plus White House TV footage of his historic summit with Mikhail Gorbachev
    * George H.W. Bush: an exclusive interview, plus the president's humorous, off-the-record performances at Washington's Girdiron Club
    * William J. Clinton: an exclusive interview and tour of the library with the president; as well as behind-the-scenes White House TV   footage

Special bonus DVD on the "making" of the Presidential Libraries Series included. This DVD shows interviews with the producers of the program and highlights extra material not seen during the series.

Please note:  Each set is custom produced.  The estimated shipping time is two weeks.