Library of Congress Video

Price: $14.95 – $29.95

Available as a Blu-Ray or a standard definition DVD, this program looks behind-the-scenes at the Library of Congress, allowing viewers to learn the history of the institution as they tour the Library's iconic Jefferson Building and see some of the treasures found in its collections of rare books, photos, and maps.  It also features a look at some of the presidential papers housed there, ranging from George Washington through Calvin Coolidge. Viewers learn how the library uses technology to preserve its holdings and expand public access to them.   The program also shows how technology is helping to uncover new information about some of the items in its collections.

The Library of Congress Video reveals details of:
The Great Hall, Reading Room , and exterior of the Jefferson Building
Some of the treasures among its books, maps, photos, and presidential papers
The History of the Library of Congress and its Jefferson Building
The Jefferson Library and other treasures of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division
The painstaking care of the Library's collections
The use of technology to reveal new information about historical documents