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The D-Tube96™ Dialyzer*, 6–8 kDa and D-Tube96 Dialyzer,
12–14 kDa offer the same great features as our D-Tube Dialyzers Mini in convenient, 96-tube configurations. Each kit contains a floatable rack with 96 D-Tube Dialyzers, 96 caps (for storage of unused DTube96 Dialyzers), and an adhesive aluminum plate sealer. Select the most appropriate cut-off value and prepare up to 96 samples (10–250 ml each) by floating the tube rack in a large beaker for buffer exchange or removal of salt, detergents, or urea. The D-Tube96 Dialyzers are ideal for protein, oligonucleotide, RNA, and DNA samples that require dialysis for downstream applications in a high-throughput
format. Extracted proteins are compatible with most downstream applications, such as MALDIMS antibody production (animal immunization), HPLC, peptide
mapping, and functional assays.