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52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex Book - by Laura Corn
Kama Sutra: The Ancient Art of Making Love for the New Millennium
101 Nights of GRRREAT SEX by Corn
101 Nights of GRRREAT ROMANCE by Corn
101 Nights of GRRREAT QUICKIES by Corn
Kama Sutra for 21st Century Lovers by Anne Hooper
The Weekend Marriage by Kirshenbaum
237 Intimate Questions ... Every Woman Should Ask a Man by Laura Corn
How to Be a Great Lover by Paget
Orgasms for Two: The Joy of Partnersex by Betty Dodson, Ph.D.
The Big O by Lou Paget
How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure
InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook
Super Hot Sex by Tracey Cox
302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a Man Wild in Bed
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The Ultimate Guide to GREAT SEX by Paaula Hall

Sex - life's most profound and fulfilling physical experience - unites two people as nothing else can. Sex is good for health, increases longevity, and builds positivity and self-esteem. It's also the most intimate expression of love. It is the act that helps make our relationships unique and special.

The Ultimate Guide to Great Sex will help you and your partner enjoy great sex. It offers advice on developing sexual confidence and exploring sexual attitudes and needs. It covers masturbation, oral sex, intercourse, sex toys, erotica, sex games, fantasy and tantric sex, as well as the ways in which sex changes in long-term relationships, during parenting and as we age.

Fulfill your sex life with THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GREAT SEX.

The Ultimate Guide to GREAT SEX by Paula Hall  (Out of Stock)
Price: $24.88