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realestatenclaw2012.jpg Title: Real Estate and North Carolina Law: A Resident’s Primer

Table of Contents, Dedication, and Introduction

Everyone can benefit from a better understanding of the basic laws and procedures that affect real estate ownership and transfer. Whether you are generally curious or concerned about protecting rights and interests, this book will help you answer many of the questions that are often asked by real estate purchasers and owners, public officials, and others who deal with real estate.

  • What is an easement and how is it created?
  • What are owners’ basic rights when the government wants to take property for public use?
  • What does the law say about agreements with real estate brokers?
  • What do banks consider when they decide whether to make home loans?
  • What does the law require of residential landlords?

The book covers the following topics.

  • Fundamental concepts of private property ownership
  • Basic information about how real estate is owned
  • Main aspects of real estate transfers
  • Roles of brokers and lawyers in the transfer process
  • Real estate financing including basic information about loans, deeds of trust, and foreclosures

"Real Estate and North Carolina Law is the perfect primer for anyone wanting to know more about property ownership in the state. Every major aspect of real estate law—from buying and financing a home to landowner rights and restrictions—is thoroughly covered. The writing style is clear and concise, detailing complex aspects of the law in a manner that is easy to understand. The real value of the book is that while it explains the basics of real estate law to those without a legal background, it also covers topics in such depth that seasoned professionals and public officials can learn from it too. I highly recommend this book to anyone considering purchasing a home, trying to find out what their rights are as a homeowner, or wanting to learn more about real estate law as well as to conscientious public officials who seek to better understand real estate law for the purpose of assisting their constituents.”

Wayne Rash
NC Association of Registers of Deeds President
Register of Deeds, Caldwell County

Publication Code: 2012LGRD0084BK
Publication Edition: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-56011-703-2
Accession Number: 2012.09
Number of Pages: 188
Date Published: 9/11/2012
Author: Charles Szypszak
Price: $32.00