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sroplgb12.jpg Title: Suggested Rules of Procedure for Small Local Government Boards

(A complimentary RTF version of this book is available when five or more books are ordered. The RTF version is not sold separately and is not refundable. Click here to purchase this special offer.)

Table of Contents, Preface, and Introduction

This publication is designed for local boards, from ABC and social services boards to boards of elections, planning boards, boards of education, and area mental health authorities. It covers subjects such as the use of agendas, the powers of the chair, citizen participation in meetings, closed sessions, minutes, and the use of procedural motions. The book contains helpful appendixes that summarize the requirements for each procedural motion and list other statutes that apply to particular local government boards.

In 2012, Suggested Rules of Procedure for Small Local Government Boards, Second Edition, 1998, was reprinted and reformatted as a publication in the Local Government Board Builders Series. This reprint adds to Rule 5 and Rule 23 new material that addresses 2005 legislation pertaining to public comment periods and that was originally included as an errata sheet to the 1998 edition. If you own the original 1998 edition and the 2005 errata sheet, you do not need to buy the redesigned publication unless you want the newly-worded text.

Updates to this and other School publications can be found at the Publication Updates and Supplements Page.

Publication Code: 1998LGOT0135BK
Publication Edition: Second edition, 1998
ISBN: 978-1-56011-319-5
Accession Number: 98.03
Number of Pages: 38
Date Published: 12/2/1998
Author: A. Fleming Bell, II
Price: $20.00