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InkThrift PRO inks for EPSON 3880 Items:


It is hard to imagine in a world in which higher and higher fade resistance ratings are delivered month after month, that a high-tech ink company like Vermont PhotoInkjet would develop a professional quality dye based product. Well, we have and the reasons are quite simple:

  1. 10% of the cost of OEM inks
  2. Significantly Better Gloss than Epson Ultrachrome and HDR
  3. Significantly Higher dMax on Glossy Papers
  4. Greater Color Chroma
  5. Enough Longevity for its Purpose (short-term graphics)
  6. Easier on your Hardware
  7. New Waterfast Formula

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See for yourself by ordering up an 5″ x 7″ sample.

Empty Refillable cartridge set for Epson 3880 - with syringes


InkThrift dye ink set for K3 compatible printers - 220ml bottles


InkThrift dye ink set of 700ml bottles


InkThrift sample request form

InkThrift PRO longevity and indoor lighting