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Color Management
We sell the color management products that we believe are the best in their class. These are the products that are in use in my studios at Cone Editions Press. We also use them in InkjetMall's tech support and product development labs.

Some of these products go against the grain of contemporary marketing. But, the simple fact remains that human brains and eyes haven't changed biologically in the last two decades. We all still see 5000k as the most neutral light under which to make color comparisons. We sell products which are specifically tuned to 5000k, or are able to be tuned superbly to it.

We can supply you with great color management gear, but we can't necessarily supply your studio with correct lighting. I recommend you image in a very dim studio lit mostly from the combined illumination from your viewing booth and display. I also recommend that you calibrate the Eizo display to the color temperature of the 5000k viewing booth.

We sell two calibrators. Both are superb at measuring display illumination so either is just as good as the other for being the instrument used with the Eizo Color Navigator software that is used for calibrating the Eizo's on-board 14bit display engine. The Munki makes excellent color profiles for inkjet printers which are used with the OEM printer driver. The EyeOne is compatible with ErgoSoft StudioPrint RIP as well as QuadTone RIP. It makes even better color printer profiles.

For serious printer profiling - we use and recommend Monaco Profiler Pro.

Display and Calibration

Printer Profiling

Viewing Booths
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Custom ICC profiling Service


Custom Piezography K7 or K6 curve