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ConeColor alternative inks

Save 65% or more of your Epson ink costs while helping to save the environment with ConeColor inks.

ConeColor K2, K3, and K3 Vivid inks are "color-managed" during formulation so that the typical customer can use the standard Epson ICC workflow. The formula is so compatible with the OEM, that flushing is not required, and a single position can be replaced as the original ink runs out.

Technologically, ConeColor is very sophisticated in its own right. It is an excellent quality ink that is the only non-OEM that is truly encapsulated and filtered five times by osmosis. Both of these qualities are unusual for a 3rd party ink, but results in a non-clogging formula because the static charge of each pigment particle is eliminated. So, forget about what you heard concerning 3rd party inks clogging your print heads. While that may have been true in the past, ConeColor follows on the heels of our other most excellent formulation, Piezography K7.

Are you worried about your printer's warranty when you switch to InkjetMall inks? Don't be. Read more by clicking here.

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