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Drop-Front Storage Box 17 x 22 x 1/2

Product Name: Drop-Front Storage Box 17 x 22 x 1/2
Brief Description: This archival storage box is perfect for storage of prints, photos, art and similar mounted or unmounted documents that are best stored flat



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Features: Metal-edged drop-front boxes consist of a removable top and a bottom with a hinged "drop front" panel at the long side. This feature "opens" the bottom section so contents can be inserted, removed or examined safely, without bending or flexing the contents in any way. The risk of dog-earing is minimized.

Our boxes are manufactured from heavyweight ArchivalGrade boxboard. Metal edge clamps are corrosion treated in black polyester coating with a wax-free polyester finish on the blind side. These clamps provide rigidity and high stacking strength.


  • Archival Grade Boxboard
  • Color Black
  • Thickness .055
  • Finish: textured paper laminated on acid- free black core
  • Made from fully bleached, high alpha cellulose pulp. It does not contain any post consumer waste recycled pulp.
  • Paper is free of metal particles, waxes, plasticizers, residual bleach, peroxide, sulfur content is less than 0.0008% reducible sulfur.
  • The lignin content is measured by the phloroglucinol test with a Kappa number of 5 or less.
  • Metallic Impurities, Iron will not exceed 150 ppm and copper shall not exceed 6 ppm.
  • No optical brightening agents are used in the pulp.
  • The paper contains a minimum of 3% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) with a pH range 8-9.5
  • Alkaline or neutral sizing are used.
  • No alum rosin or rosin sizing are used.
  • Color dyes are light-fast and non-bleeding.
  • Surface of the paper is smooth and free from knots, shives and abrasive particles.
  • Board will not degrade and cause harm to artifacts stored in boxes made from this paper.
  • This paper passes the PAT (Photographic Activity Test) ISO 14523 formally ANSI IT9.16
  • All dimensions are interior box sizes

You get one portfolio.

Compatible with 17x22 sheets of paper.

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