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White Pine 1" x 12"
White Pine 1 x 12 Prem SE Center-matched
This floorings is sold by the Board Foot (BF).

Eastern White Pine is the same species that was used in the early colonies for flooring. This Premium grade flooring has a good knotty appearance which lends itself to use where a natural effect is desired.

COLOR: Light brown/Yellow to Light Yellow (almost white) tone

HARDNESS: Janka hardness of 380 as compared to the hardness of 1290 for Red Oak.

GRAIN: Generally straight but uneven grained with a medium texture.

VARIATIONS WITHIN SPECIES AND GRADES: Low to Moderate color variation. The grade determination is made from the better face which allows generally sound and tight knots ranging from a 2" red knot or a 5/8" black knot on a 4" nominal width board to a 3-3/4" red knot or a 1-1/2" black knot on a 12" or wider (nominal) board.

SAWING/MACHINING: Sawing is moderatly difficult due to the fact that resin tends to gum up blades and cutting tools.

SANDING: Sands well.

NAILING: Good holding ability, easy to nail by hand or with power nailer.

FINISHING: Resin can, in some cases, repel finishes, especially around knots. Paints to a nice finish.

Online Price: $2.35
  Board Foot (BF)  


White Pine 1" x 6"  (Out of Stock)
Price: $2.09
 (Out of Stock)
White Pine 1" x 8"
Price: $2.15
White Pine 1" x 10"
Price: $2.15