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Gourmet Roes
American Golden Whitefish Roe
Gold Pearl Salmon Roe
Gold Pearl Trout Roe
Beet and Saffron Whitefish Roe
Natural Truffled Tiger Eye Whitefish 2 oz
Natural Truffled Tiger Eye Whitefish 3.5 oz
Natural Truffled Tiger Eye Whitefish 6.5 oz
Natural Truffled Tiger Eye Whitefish 1 lb
Naturally Infused Ginger Whitefish Roe
Naturally Infused Wasabi Whitefish Roe
Naturally Infused Truffled Tiger-Eye Whitefish Roe
Named after the gemstone, the roe is colored a deep, golden brown using only natural vegetable juice. The color is perfectly complimented by the lush flavor and aroma of white truffle. This combination of roe and truffle is not only the ultimate in luxury but also extremely affordable. We think this is the ideal topping for tiny new potatoes hollowed out and filled with crème fraiche and a topknot of Truffled Tiger Eye, or mixed into your favorite pasta dish. The rich, earthy flavor of this roe is also wonderful when paired with any white-fleshed fish such as bass, halibut, sturgeon, etc.