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Nfinity Kneepad Single Pack (BLACK)
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Nfinity® brings you the most advanced knee protection with the Nfinity®/D3O Kneepad. D3O intelligent shock absorption pads are thin, soft, flexible, and washable, and offers total knee protection. Packaged with one set of sleeves and one set of D3O pads.

  • Compact below-the-knee design with the shortest (5 in) and slimmest (8 mm) profile
  • Innovative D3O® pad inserts for superior impact protection and management
  • NfiniPocket allows for the pads to be removed from the knee sleeves for the most thorough wash and dry
  • Biotex Antimicrobial Sleeve Technology
  • Drymate pad moisture wicking control
  • Embroidered Nfinity® Logo, NCAA, FHSA, and USAV compliant
  • Includes one set of sleeves & one pair of D3O knee pad inserts

Price: $34.99

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