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Tour of CA - The Workout - 2 Disc Set

Amgen Tour of California - The Workout - 2 Disc Set


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Set Description:

Train with the pros. These one-hour workouts put you right in the peloton during the Amgen Tour of California. Thanks to our partnership with AEG and the Amgen Tour of California, CTS is proud to offer athletes of all ability levels with hard and effective indoor workouts featuring pivotal moments from the 2010 and 2011 Amgen Tour of California. CTS Founder and Head Coach Chris Carmichael leads you through workouts that build power at VO2 max so you have the power for repeated maximal efforts in group rides and races, and also power at lactate threshold so you have the strength and stamina for longer efforts and climbs. Training intensities are provided in watts, heart rate, and rating of perceived exertion; and the discs contain instructions for completing the CTS Field Test so you can calculate your personal intensity ranges. 


For your convenience, you can purchase both discs at once, or you can purchase each disc separately. Each DVD includes:

  • 60-minute workouts led by Chris Carmichael
  • Personal training intensities via Power, Heart Rate, and Perceived Exertion
  • Detailed description of the CTS Field Test
  • Tactics and tips from Chris Carmichael

Price: $54.99

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