Installing Adobe Flash Player


A particular page of a SimUText chapter shows a blank area on the right hand side with a small blue box in the center.


Some SimUText chapters require the Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Firefox or Safari. On Windows, the SimUText installer will attempt to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin if it is not present. (You must have Administrator access to do so.)

For Mac  OSX or USB Drive installations of SimUText, if you don't have the appropriate version of Flash Player, the SimUText application should tell you that you need to update it when you launch a chapter that needs Flash. The Get Flash window provides a link to the correct version for you to download with your Web browser. Follow that link to install. (You will have to have Administrator access to do so.)

In case this doesn't work for some reason, here's how to do it yourself:

With Firefox or Safari (Windows or OSX):

  1. Go to:

  2. Follow the download and installation instructions.

  3. Restart the SimUText application.

With Internet Explorer (Windows only)

  1. Go to:

  2. Choose your operating system and click Continue.

  3. Click the radio button for "Flash Player 10 for Windows - Other Browsers." You should see above the "Agree and Install Now" a message that says "Browser: Firefox, Safari, Opera." (This is critical)

  4. Click Agree and Install Now.

  5. Restart the SimUText application.

As noted above, Adobe's web site is the best place to get the free Flash player plug-in. For help and support installing Flash on your computer, see

Note: New Macintosh computers do NOT ship with the Flash player installed. You will have to download and install it before you can view all SimUText content.

If you continue to have problems with a chapter's right-hand content after installing the Flash player, follow the 'Replacing an out-of-date chapter OR Removing a corrupted chapter' solution to delete the chapter and download it again, to make sure the problem is not that the chapter file itself is incomplete.

See Also:Replacing an out-of-date chapter OR Removing a corrupted chapter
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