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Marine Wireless Bridges
Marine Access Points
Power Injectors & Switches
Antenna Cables
Network Cables

Port Networks manufactures Wi-Fi gear specifically designed for use in a marine environment. We offer everything from an all-in-one portable unit to a completely customized onboard networking system. Whatever you need to connect, we're your solution for Wi-Fi on the water.
MWB200&250_S.jpg Marine Wireless Bridges
An MWB creates a "bridge" between your onboard network and an onshore network that is connected to the Internet. Our high-power MWB units allow you to connect to distant Wi-Fi access points that are beyond the range of standard Wi-Fi devices.
MAP-100-3views_S.jpg Marine Access Points
An MAP establishes an onboard Wi-Fi network through which you and your guests can connect, so that all of your data is routed through a Marine Wireless Bridge to an onshore network connected to the Internet.
MES-05Pv2_S.jpg Power Injectors & Switches
Marine Wireless Bridges and Marine Access Points run on Power-over-Ethernet, and require a POE Injector that draws from a 12V DC or 110V AC source. An Ethernet switch ties together multiple computers (or other devices) in one network.
Omni-Antennas_S.jpg Antennas
An external antenna directs the signal from a Marine Wireless Bridge horizontally for maximum possible range.
White-Coax-Loop_S.jpg Antenna Cables
For connecting an external antenna to a marine wireless bridge.
MWB-CAB-025.gif Network Cables
For connecting together Ethernet devices like the MWB, the MAP, the MES-5P, and almost any personal computer.
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